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if you don't know what day it is in August 3rd, you may miss a big wave. Yes, in August 3rd, the JORDAN brand is about to land on Tmall! JORDAN Tmall flagship store open day, will not only have equipped with REACT heavy new basketball shoes SUPERFLY2017 sale, there are as many as 22 classic replica of the latest color shoes fiery debut! It will also be synchronized with the world's top new starting platform Tmall black box"! (transport gate) mass store goods are not to your taste? Product recommendations are too old, Tmall black box will help you solve these troubles. In order to select the world's top brand, bringing together the latest trends, provide young consumers more taste, more fresh, more efficient heavy starting new information and panic buying. The JORDAN brand will also be added. So, with the new technology REACT SUPERFLY 2017 performance, and what shoes are you ever wanted to buy, but did not grab it? Here and Xiaobian together to understand it! as early as 1985, a young man with extraordinary basketball talent joined the NBA Basketball League and launched his first pair of signature basketball shoes. Whether for basketball, or for SNEAKER, the young man and his shoes are called the story is a legend, his name is Michael. Jordan (Michael Jordan), and a pair of basketball shoes is the signature AIR JORDAN I. whether you are 70, 80, 90, or even 00, as long as you love basketball, then you don't know Jordan, less likely to know JORDA Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale N basketball shoes, the six NBA championship, finals MVP, five time MVP, the 14 NBA all star Jordan in the NBA arena... The rule of force and create miracles in our mind and let him become the representative image of the perfect basketball player, and Jordan stretch JORDAN LOGO dunk silhouette design became an essential element of our best basketball shoes for decades. the constant use of the progress of science and technology bring a better basketball player on the field experience is the original intention of the JORDAN brand, it has never changed, in 1985, we feel in the JORDAN shoes on air play feeling that wonderful feeling in the past thirty years has been improved, to enhance sports performance progress the foundation continues today, constantly bring us new surprises, let us in the basketball field every step is more stable, each jump more easily. Today, equipped with a new technology SUPERFLY 2017 reloaded debut, is bound to bring us a whole new basketball experience. The new SUPERFLY 2017 using a full-length REACT cushioning material, in order to plantar contact every point will bring sufficient cushioning and basketball player just perfect resilience, shoes with details of the dynamic ripple elements to show the Everfount Sports 〉 mentioned the British street artist Dave White, you will first think of ink graffiti design he is full of personal color, and he worked with Nike Air Jordan1 joint will be more perfect, art into a gen cheap jordans for sale eration of classic shoes. Recently, the artist in Instagram drying out a pair of Air Jordna first launched in 1985 1 "Bred" color, in addition to shoes itself for up to 22 years of life, the vamp also retained the integrity of ink details Dave White 20 years ago by pigment creation, has become a pair of long history of art, also we can see that the artist AJ1 love for this pair of shoes. can only say that this is not just a pair of shoes, but also a piece of art. · END·Nike KD 5 "Blackout" Spy Shots 2013-12-08 22:40:44 With the new season to start, Kevin & middot; Durant on foot Nike KD 5 began his new journey of the season. Recently there has been a variety of color of the Nike KD 5 exposure on the network, and today we bring this pair of Nike KD 5 "Blackout" of Sample for you, the whole body of the shoe with black to create, at first glance feel the texture of carbon fiber lines , with crystal outsole, the overall low-key and shiny. three based friend Pete, Ali and Stephen, in order to participate in the instagram "Brompton city riding" 15 second video contest (over the wall to instagram. Com search MyUnseenCity can understand the details), each riding a six car speed the Brompton folding bicycle (hereinafter referred to as "small cloth") starting from the home, ride the train arrived in Canterbury, Kent, and then again on the road north to ride a dozen kilometers to Whitstable (Whitstable). This is a small town located in the co jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black astal areas of the Northeast Kent, in the early period of the Roman Empire, is with oyster and a variety of seafood is famous in the world. they planned riding is along that prevailed in the 1830s steam train travel route "crabs and snails road" (crab and winkle way, located between Canterbury and Whitstable, now has become a local famous bicycle ride swims circuit riding, then taste the local very characteristic of fresh oysters, again in the evening in the sand up a bonfire seafood feast is more perfect. below is a photo of them along the way, the most followed there is a formal entry of 15 seconds of video works can see. The translator really does not think this video is how good? Welcome the different views of the friends with us one or two) longer version of the video on the 11facebook.com/panniercc browser. to Whitstable, we were deeply impressed by the bad weather". At noon the westerly twisting, arouse the anger of monstrous waves, a deafening roar. (but there is no photos, beautiful ride Jun can only guess everyone was scared to forget the camera) lay at anchor in the harbour of large and small vessels, anchor rope in the wind indecisively on thump, pulled the mast squeak groaned. See ride down, we had to hide in the roadside Whitstable oyster restaurant (the Whitstable oyster Co, located in the Royal native oyster store street), where spent more than an hour. Fortunately, this shop is located in the seaside boardwalk. Since entered, of co jordan shoes online sale urse, to taste the way the famous iced fresh oysters, pour point acid cool lemon juice, dipped in swept Tabasco sauce all over the world, simply delicious to stride legs do not move! so we have new plan -- ride back to port side, scallops, lemon and parsley, make a meal of their seafood feast. afternoon sea breeze is still fierce gales, bad weather can make us disappointed. We continue to explore the "smugglers lane", a ride to the wharf. (since the period of the Napoleonic wars, Kent in the coastal cities and towns in the tobacco and liquor smuggling rampant, in order to avoid Guanjia arrest. The smugglers often use the dark narrow Hutong alleys escape. Now these alleys are characteristics of tourist attractions) seaside place digging fire, 5 minutes can get a meal. Hot tin.Nike Free Woven 4 recently wearing blue powder coat back, shoe body still uses a compilation of tidal flavor, finally collocation Free white bottom, making cool and comfortable outsole will become the preferred travel shoes in summer. 1.jpg (154.79 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Woven 4.0 2014-7-1 10:27 upload 2.jpg (43.74 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Woven 4.0 2014-7-1 10:27 upload 6.jpg (40.53 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Woven 4.0 2014-7-1 10:27 upload 3.jpg (39.44 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Woven 4.0 2014-7-1 10:27 upload 5.jpg (25.28 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Woven 4.0 2014-7-1 cheap foamposites 10:27 Nike Woven 400 Free upload.Jordan Brand in order to deliver full upgrade Air Jordan series shoes workmanship and material commitment, released ahead of the complex moment in 2015 4 Air Jordan Columbia. From the picture is not difficult to see, whether it is work or materials than the texture are now on sale in the Air Jordan series of shoes to be more perfect, more in line with the expectations of the Sneaker Air Jordan series of shoes, let us wait and see. air-jordan-4-columbia-2015-1.jpg (78.01 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-6-12 09:40 upload air-jordan-4-columbia-2015-2.jpg (103.86 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-12 09:40 upload air-jordan-4-columbia-2015-3.jpg (125.75 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-12 09:40 upload air-jordan-4-columbia-2015-4.jpg (86.53 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-12 09:40 Air Jordan upload 4, aj4, Columbia 00Dr. shoes I am a sports shoe manufacturer's technical staff, but I am also a fan of sneakers, what world-renowned sports brand Nike zoom air used works by what? We 2005-07-19 10:11:33 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network www.cnxz.cn & nbsp; Print & nbsp; Close For Nike zoom air cushion works well because of its official no technical details were released too much, so we can only speculate based on their analyzes. Currently popular on the Internet is a saying is this: Everyone knows zoom air is by air and in the middle of the fiber to shock, but it's exactly wha Cheap foamposites for sale t mechanism? First, the structure is a zoom air cushion flat, then the middle of many of nylon fiber, with a flat top and bottom ends of the fibers of a fabric, may be up and down the inner wall of the way with hot air cushion is fixed. direction due to the expansion of gases and other properties, zoomm air cushion has a tendency to form spherical, and nylon fibers will stretch into a tight state, thereby forming a balance, so that it can be maintained at such a thin thickness (a typical thickness of 8mm ), whether it is the will drum up. form nylon fibers are basically two: However, these nylon fiber in the end is how the shock of it? You must start thinking like me, thought it was a nylon fiber own rebound. That's so long ago I found weird place. For example, do not we hold a dental floss to straighten it, and this time it is with zoom air in tight nylon fibers exhibit the same state, when it forced to the middle pressure, what will happen? direct soft off, would not have to play the two ends is not it? That zoom air in the end is why this resilient it? A safe is actually very simple, you have learned when I was young, that tension. Let's look at the usual zoom air: when it is under pressure from the upper and lower ends, the position of the force will be like nylon fiber floss as weakness, loss of tight state, while its upper and lower surfaces of the shorter distance, but the focus is outside the force position nylon fiber: Cheap jordans online As shown in the figure, since the force receiving portion by the volume reduction, this position would have been in the air is pushed to the other parts, resulting in an increase in pressure unstressed position, volume expansion, the nylon fibers are stretched, i.e. not force receiving portion is elongated. is stretched nylon fiber tension will increase, than the original equilibrium value is also large, because the distance is short, so it should be able to remain within the elastic deformation range. When the power over the maximum after (you can imagine the force into the normal curves), the larger tension will force the back to the original nylon fiber length and size down to balance the tension on duty, so Volume unstressed portion will reduce, and the air force to squeeze section, then the original parts of the force of the pressure will increase, resulting in an undershoot power up, this is what we feel the stretch. mechanized full terms, zoom air cushion itself, already has a cushion property cushion shock, but the middle and lower ends fixed joined nylon fiber support material, in the shock absorbers, the fiber itself is stretched by the increased tension , you can prevent the force part continue to shrink, so can zoom air in such a short distance, providing a very excellent shock absorption, followed in order to increase the tension force the fiber length back to equilibrium state, squeezing the air so The original parts of the force of the pressure increase resilience, so it also has to make amazing flexibility and feedback. If you shock the principle of common air of view (first ignored will complicate matters in the end), it is largely unaffected by increasing the volume of parts of the force, the tension generated by the expansion of the plastic skin to provide a response Flexible. zoom air in addition also has a plastic skin tension, but also increased the number of nylon fiber, so it will be excellent elastic response rate than ordinary air, its essence is that the tension between the use of nylon fibers and fight each other to adjust the air pressure to produce the role of shock absorbers and feedback. Related newsin KOBE 10 for the continuous sale of color, while NIKE also focus on the development of KOBE Series in the middle end of the market. KOBE MENTALITY, this pair of shoes will be released at the end of last year is that the most favorable. Overwhelmed, Kobe MENTALITY released a pure platinum / cool gray color, which had in early January to cracked pavement subject name debut, in upper has also used quite rare texture modifiers, considerable time. Currently, the model has been in the US nike.com version of the shelves, priced at $100, some of the line retail stores have also been in advance. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!Nike LeBron 9 "will certainly Party" PE exposed 2015-01-22 11:20:51 Today's network exposed one pair of shoes is extremely rare, which is designed for Nike James engagement party the specially built Nike LeBron 9, and the more specific the exposure is not limited to a sample of other relatives and friends, but the bride and groom size US16 and US7.5. whole to create black and white color, on both sides of the crack explosion uppers using classical decoration, red plaid lining and day James clothing very dissonant. And its super high price but also for many sneaker only look at parts of it. & nbsp; adidas Originals Torsion Allegra 2014 ?? 3 ?? new color preview 2014-05-06 22:41:57 adidas Originals before jogging again for its popular retro models & nbsp; Torsion Allegra added three new colors, three color is different, in the material, the designers still continues suede material with mesh fabric classic combination, ladies retro jogging shoes lovers to start if you have not, then this model might pay more attention to it, these three colors will continue in major counter and dealer shops for sale in March. As the main push of this year Jordan Brand basketball shoes combat type Jordan Super.Fly 3 has been the subject of much loved real home, overwhelmed by designer Navy blue as the main color rendering whole body of the shoe showing the use of gradients for Shoes create a very future atmosphere. Excellent shape design with a headed science and technology, has the perfect shoes to ensure the audience has a certain degree, and excellent color of this release, will its elegance. It is reported that the shoes will soon be on sale, and interested friends might concern you. Nike LeBron 10 "Neon" new color picture exposure 2013-12-08 22:47:19 Recently, heavy annual signature shoe Nike LeBron 10 once again exposing new color products, a bold green fluorescence covering the entire upper, with silver dynamic fly line, midsole Swoosh silver and silver decoration. It is reported that this pair of Nike LeBron 10 "Neon" will be one of the commercially available version of the future. I believe this must be very eye-catching use of color, like a friend can look at.Nike also has its own Indiana Jones, Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot magic debut! 2017-09-19 14:11:45After pure black color since before the launch, Nike continues to campaign for the innovative design of the classic type of shoes, launched a new color of the Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot, can be seen above the front lines raised is still shoes highlights, shoe body whole used in green building, outsole and Swoosh are used in black to build, is very stable. It is reported that this section of Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot has been sold on shelves, priced at $170.

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